Tecnet is proud to be sponsoring the 2018 Melges 24 World Championship.

Melges are a type of racing sailboat with a typical racing crew of 4-5 people, with these particular boats being 24ft in length. They make for incredibly exciting sailing to watch whether in high winds or not! Tecnet’s president, Ed Life, is an avid sailor and is pleased to be able to provide sponsorship through Tecnet to develop this sport in Victoria, and to enable world-class sailing to be showcased.

Victoria is hosting the 2018 World Championships, which is taking place May 31st – June 9th (starting with the Canadian championships and then ending with the World Championships). There are two racing areas, one off of the Canadian Forces Base in Esquimalt, and the other off of Clover Point (the venues vary day to day, so be sure to check the event schedule first!). The best spot for viewing the races is off of Clover Point – it is highly recommend going to see one of the races start, as they are typically a bit chaotic and exciting!

Tecnet invites everyone to join us in viewing this exciting event, taking place May 31st to June 9th, 2018.

2018 Melges24 North American Tour