Tecnet Canada actively maintains and fosters vendor/reseller partnerships with technology leaders. Our core values drive us to have a select group of partnerships with vendors who can truly deliver world class products and client experiences.

Tecnet holds the CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark

We are BC’s only IT support company that holds the CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark, attesting to our delivery of Best Practices in IT service delivery. Tecnet has been a recognized CompTIA A+ Authorized Service Center since 2005.

  • Certified CompTIA analysts and technicians
  • Support for networks, servers, and more
  • A recognized trust mark worldwide

Tecnet is a member of CIS SecureSuite

As a member of CIS SecureSuite® Tecnet has access to multiple cybersecurity resources including the CIS-CAT Pro configuration assessment tool, build content, full-format CIS Benchmarks™, and more. Tecnet ensures their customers stay secure with integrated cybersecurity tools and best practice guidance for over 150 technologies.  As a CIS SecureSuite Member Tecnet can Track compliance automatically CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard consumes assessment reports and shows system(s) compliance to the CIS Benchmarks over a period of time

Tecnet is a Lenovo partner

Tecnet is an authorized Lenovo dealer, and warranty repair site; servicing warranty and post-warranty repairs for Lenovo computers and peripherals. We are the only Lenovo Certified warranty repair shop in Victoria, BC. Tecnet Canada has been a long-standing partner with Lenovo since their introduction into the North American marketplace in 2005. Tecnet and Lenovo’s senior technical staff regularly collaborate when required to meet objectives by the client or when hardware requires advanced troubleshooting beyond a level one technician. This relationship has resulted in a better client experience. Lenovo has redesigned and manufactured components based on Tecnet feedback and customer requirements.

  • Warranty and post-warranty repair certified
  • Hardware support
  • Deskside support
  • Product sales

We don’t negotiate with criminals and neither should you.

CryptoLocker, Locky, TeslaCrypt, TorrentLocker. Call it what you want, ransomware is the leading cause of preventable data loss for businesses. You’ve seen it on the evening news, you’ve seen it in newspapers. Organizations paying money to criminals to get back their data. If these organizations had had a business continuity solution, the criminals wouldn’t have received a cent. Tecnet has a simple and affordable platform that will protect your business from a wide range of bad scenarios.

  • Keep your company protected with a cutting-edge business continuity solution
  • Use a platform that verifies your backups automatically
  • Reduce the risk of human error
  • Sized to meet your environment, from 1TB small business to hundreds of TB for enterprise

Connect Your World With Intelligent Mobility

Aruba Networks is a leading provider of next-generation network access solutions for the mobile enterprise. The company designs and delivers Mobility-Defined Networks that empower IT departments and #GenMobile, a new generation of tech-savvy users who rely on their mobile devices for every aspect of work and personal communication.

Aruba WLAN

Today’s business runs on mobile and cloud apps and Aruba has the backbone to support them. Everyone gets a reliable Wi-Fi connection to stay productive…

Secure Network Access

The ClearPass Access Management System from Aruba Networks® takes a fresh approach to solving the mobility challenge …

Liberate your business from the last wired barriers.

Help your business engage #GenMobile with exactly what they need, at exactly the right time, no matter what the device or location.

We make IT the ally.

With Aruba’s Mobility-Defined Networks, you can automate performance optimization and security actions that used to require IT intervention, so your network engineer can stop being the IT authority and become the IT ally.

Aruba WLAN

Today’s business runs on mobile and cloud apps and Aruba has the backbone to support them. Everyone gets a reliable Wi-Fi connection to stay productive, while you reduce downtime, cut IT costs and strengthen security as your business grows.

Aruba WLANs are designed from the ground-up for the next-generation workplace. Our unique hardware and software improves the mobility experience in crowded Wi-Fi environments where users have multiple devices and dozens of apps on each device.

Aruba WLANs also use contextual data ― user roles, device types, application flows, location and time-of-day ― for exceptional visibility when troubleshooting and for granular security policies.

All Wireless Workplace

The all-wireless workplace enables communication anywhere and delivers business apps everywhere people work. It supports BYO-everything and does it securely and reliably. And it makes life simpler for IT with automation and centralized management.

Protect yourself from the threat-landscape with Fortinet.

Tecnet is a Silver Partner with Fortinet, a world leader in network security, founded in British Columbia. Tecnet began our relationship with Fortinet when we realized years ago that network traffic was moving towards encrypted traffic, and the largely available firewalls didn’t address this critical security need. At Tecnet, we want to deliver the most innovative and highest-performing network security possible. Because of the evolution of network threats, Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) are no longer enough to mitigate security risks. As part of our holistic network protection we are looking forward, protecting not only north-south traffic but also east-west traffic which has become an increasingly popular threat vector. Fortinet continues to innovate within the protection landscape, and our clients are reaping the benefits of this. Our certified staff configure, deploy and manage your entire security fabric, ensuring our clients are always protected.

  • Keep your company protected with a cutting-edge business continuity solution
  • Use a platform that is a world-leader in network security
  • Founded in British Columbia, like Tecnet
  • Tecnet has trained technical analysts, skilled in using Fortinet products

Learn from our experienced team how our platform can benefit your company. 

Tecnet is a Microsoft GOLD Partner

Tecnet Canada has been a Microsoft Partner for decades, and a Gold Partner since 2012. As such, we have evolved our technical competencies over the years to keep current with the latest technologies. We are qualified on Volume License programs and Canadian Cloud technologies including Azure and Office 365, among many other leading cloud technologies. Recently Tecnet has completed many workload transitions to the various cloud infrastructures, including but not limited to, Microsoft, as well as license compliance and Microsoft audits.

  • Our analysts are rigorously trained in Microsoft certifications
  • Gold Datacenter
  • GoldSmall and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
  • One of the longest-standing partnerships with Microsoft in Canada

Learn from our experienced team how our Microsoft partnerships can benefit your company. 

Tecnet is a ZeroSpam Authorized Reseller

Tecnet is an authorized re-seller of ZeroSpam, a Canadian cloud hosted email protection and continuity solution. Recently the recipient of a government of Canada grant for machine learning, ZeroSpam’s services often outperform similar products with a lower ownership cost while maintaining a wholly Canadian organization.

ZeroSpam provides a wholly Canadian email protection umbrella. Protecting against threats such as ransom-ware, spear-fishing, denial of service attacks, and spam. What makes this different than other services is their agile response team, no spam dial to tweak, proven accuracy, and built in fail-over redundancy. All of this at a per user price point, often lower than other similar protection.


  • Combined with the power of Office 365 for increased security
  • Data Security Service with ZeroSpam
  • Best-in-class Canadian hosted anti-spam and email continuity
  • Works seamlessly in the background allowing for the best user experience available


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with StorageCraft

Tecnet offers business continuity solutions and disaster recovery by leveraging StorageCraft Technologies to offer best-in-class protection. Backups only matter if they can be recovered, StorageCraft makes this possible, allowing you to rest easy knowing your data is safe, and can be rapidly recovered if disaster strikes. From a family photo, to an critical document, every backup counts. StorageCraft provides fast backups and recovery, whether physical or virtual.

  • Backup and recovery
  • Business continuity
  • Backup Windows, Linux, and more
  • Reliable backups you can count on

PC by Schneider Electric

Tecnet is both an MSP and Select Partner with APC by Schneider Electric. We understand the importance of power and power distribution and their impacts on the equipment. APC by Schneider Electric combine manageability and monitoring, making them a preferred choice for IT departments worldwide. APC by Schneider Electric have predicable lifecycles, reducing budgeting headaches. As well as a full line of solutions including transfer switches and metered and switched power distribution units, allowing staff to work remotely without having to enter the data center. With APC by Schneider Electric, downtime is mitigated and resiliency is increased.

  • Network infrastructure with APC by Schneider Electric
  • Mitigate downtime and increase resiliency
  • Prevent hardware failures due to bad power
  • A preferred choice by IT departments worldwide 

Support for your internet, telephone and cable needs with Tecnet and Shaw

Tecnet is an authorized Shaw dealer. We offer support, installation, and sales of Shaw products such as high-speed public and private internet, SmartVoice telephone services, and cable. Our technicians are certified and trained on Shaw products and services, and are able to support your Shaw network, protect against outages, and offer support and solutions.

  • High-speed internet
  • SmartVoice
  • Deskside support
  • Product sales

The best Networking Gear with D-Link and Tecnet

Tecnet is an authorized D-Link re-seller, offering support and installation. D-Link offers state-of-the-art solutions for switching, wireless, security, IP surveillance, and management. Combined with Tecnet’s unparalleled support and service, uncover the best solutions for your network.

  • Wireless internet, security, IP surveillance and management
  • Hardware support
  • Deskside support
  • Product sales

Enable employee mobility with Toshiba products and repairs

Tecnet is an authorized Toshiba dealer, with trained technicians to provide support, deployment, repairs and maintenance to keep your devices working to their full potential. Toshiba helps to enable employee mobility through laptops, desktops, docking stations, and more.

  • Warranty and post-warranty repair certified
  • Hardware support
  • Deskside support
  • Product sales

HP and Tecnet bring a powerful partnership dating back decades

Tecnet Canada has been an HP partner since the late 70’s through Digital, Compaq, to the current HP organizations, and with the transition from HP to HPe and HPi Tecnet continues to be a partner. Tecnet has been an Aruba partner since before their acquisition by HPe, and today seamlessly integrates their full range of networking hardware, including switches and servers.

HP (HP Enterprise / HP Inc) is an established brand bringing an excellent portfolio covering thin clients to printers to switching, servers and wave 2 Aruba wireless. HP’s Aruba provides a wireless solution that is built to grow with businesses while providing dependable fast access, with features like Client Match and Clearpass making it easy to see why they are a world leader. HP’s reliability is legendary, with printers often out lasting employees.

  • Warranty and post-warranty repair certified
  • Hardware support
  • Deskside support
  • Product sales

Hardware support for Lexmark Printers

Tecnet is an authorized Lexmark repair and service provider.

  • Warranty and post-warranty repair
  • Hardware support
  • Deskside support
  • Product sales

Jabra wired and wireless employee connectivity

Tecnet is an authorized Jabra dealer.

  • Installation
  • Hardware support
  • Deskside support
  • Product sales

ReStore data on any device

Tecnet is an authorized ReStoring Data re-seller. Restore data on any device.

A VARNEX reseller and council member

Tecnet Canada sits on the national council of VARNEX (a peer to peer community of re-sellers backed by an international distributor). The council focuses on emerging trends, certification, vendor management, process optimization and innovation. Tecnet Canada currently represents British Columbia on the council.

Tecnet is a Symantec Authorized Dealer

Tecnet is an authorized Symantec dealer. Integrated cyber defense stops cyber attacks and protects your network. With Tecnet and Symantec, find out your full security potential, avoid downtime, and protect from data loss.

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant “End Protection Platform” Leader for 15 years
  • Reader’s Choice Gold Award
  • Install and configure
  • Manage and maintain

Meraki and Cisco with Tecnet

Tecnet is an authorized Meraki reseller. At Tecnet, our security team is trained and certified on brands like Cisco and Meraki and understand high level network security and gateways.

  • Installations
  • Support and maintenance
  • Deskside support
  • Product sales

Tecnet is a Logitech Dealer

Tecnet is an authorized Logitech dealer. Talk to our specialists to find out how Tecnet and Logitech can help your business.

  • Hardware support
  • Product sales

Cables 2 Go provide your cable needs

Tecnet is an authorized Cables 2 Go re-seller. Connectors, adapters, cables, cabinets, racks, cable management, transceivers, and more.

Tecnet is an authorized Kapersky dealer

Tecnet is an authorized Kapersky dealer. Kapersky offers industry-leading security, with 20 year’s experience. Kapersky offers home, small, medium and enterprise sized security solutions. Let Tecnet and Kapersky take the guess-work out of your cyber-security.

  • Cloud security
  • Endpoint security
  • Fraud prevention
  • Security Operations Center

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