Cloud Services

What are Cloud Services?

Cloud services use the internet to deliver your services instead of keeping the physical hardware and software at your office.

Tecnet offers a wide range of hosted cloud services to help you run your business quicker and more securely. Cloud services offer our customers reduced IT costs, scalability, flexibility and improved data security.

Take full advantage of cloud computing to lower your costs and provide your company with better security and reliability:

Cloud Security

Filter for viruses and malware before they even reach your network.

Tecnet offers cloud security to our clients which can offer many benefits. For example cloud security can:

Filter for viruses and malware before they even reach your network.

Cloud Backup

Replicate your data in the cloud in the case of catastrophic failure.

Tecnet offers cloud backup to our clients to ensure their business operations run smoothly and securely. Cloud online data backup replicates your data in the cloud, so your business could be up and running immediately in the case of a hardware failure, damage or flooding at your premises. Your data is stored securely and is instantly accessible when you need it.

Cloud Email

Access your domain e-mail from any device, anywhere on the Internet.

We offer hosted exchange as an excellent business grade email platform allowing our customers access to their email, calendar and contacts anywhere. The great advantage for this service is that it allows for access to your domain email from any device, anywhere on the Internet.

Cloud Business

Host your accounting securely in Tecnet’s cloud, CRM software, and more.

Our clients can host their data securely in Tecnet’s cloud. This offers the benefits of not having to deploy physical infrastructure in your office. Improved agility means our customers can improve the manageability of their data, subscription quantities and storage requirements.

Leverage the advantage of Cloud Computing with Tecnet’s Cloud services:

Office 365

Cloud Business Solutions

Cloud Database Services

Cloud Email (Exchange)

Cloud Online Data Backup

Cloud Security

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