Asset Management

Why do you need Asset Management?

Keeping track of your technology resources is critical to your operation running smoothly.

Tecnet has developed a comprehensive inventory system to track our customer’s IT assets throughout their life cycle, from deployment, to operation, to the final recycling or disposal of assets cost-effectively. Accurate asset management saves our customers time and money because it reduces duplicate purchases, automates asset inventory lists, and provides accurate and current warranty and licensing information on all assets we manage.

Tecnet’s Asset Management Services

Our asset management services include:

Comprehensive Inventory – your asset specifications are recorded.

License Compliance – avoid unexpected costs by keeping up to date on all your software licensing.

Security – knowing where all your assets are all the time.

Warranty Tracking – tracks your device warranty status.

Repair Logs – records detailed maintenance and repair logs carried out by Tecnet on all assets.

Refresh Preparation – when it’s time to upgrade your IT infrastructure, a detailed inventory can assist you in planning and budgeting the overhaul of your IT environment.

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