Managed Services

What can Tecnet Managed Services do for your Business?

Tecnet’s network professionals specialize in Microsoft Server Solutions, and offer a full complement of leading edge tools and services designed to keep your network environment operating to its greatest potential.

Our Managed Services offering will ensure constant monitoring of your network in real time. It will continuously check for specific errors or problems with the hardware or software. This continuous monitoring and checking allows our staff to be alerted to, and to fix, many types of issues before they impact users:

Critical Windows errors

Bad sectors on hard drives indicating imminent failure

Port attacks on your firewall by hackers

Website downtime

Electrical problems in your wiring

Security breaches

Managed Services Never Sleep!

With Tecnet you can expect to experience maximum uptime, a dramatic reduction of unscheduled downtime, and lower IT costs because problems are detected and resolved faster—often before you’re even aware of them.

Tecnet staff proactively resolve these issues as they occur, before they become a problem for you as the end user through our two main tools:

1. Onsite Manager

The Onsite Manager communicates with the Tecnet Service Center. Utilizing the Tecnet Onsite Manager, experienced Tecnet Staff are able to monitor and manage anything with an IP address, including desktops, laptops, servers, managed switches, routers, firewalls, gateways, VoIP switches and phones, printers, off-the-shelf and custom applications, specialized equipment and environmental control devices, internal and external websites, SaaS resources, virtual machines, and much more.

2. Service Center

Service Center is a powerful, web-based, centralized dashboard that allows Tecnet to view the asset health and performance data sent by the Onsite Manager, drill down to details as required, perform rapid remote remediation, configure advanced services, and produce a range of useful reports to efficiently manage your network.

We are here to help.

If you want to find out more about our Managed Services, please contact our Accounts and Services department.