Environmental Stewardship

Tecnet performs regular environmental cost analyses of its business operations.

In this research to promote sustainability, we take into consideration the following metrics:

  • Carbon footprint of travel (people and materials) versus that of capital infrastructure (buildings, offices, etc.)
  • Environmental and economic costs of parts management, versus equipment replacement
  • Cumulative power consumption of devices versus newer alternatives
  • Waste reduction and mitigation

The team at Tecnet approaches environmental stewardship not just from a operational standpoint, but also through our community involvement. We prioritize using environmentally responsible products, and take action right here in our community. Whether on the beach cleaning up abandoned boats, or doing our part to ensure that computer parts are recycled safely, Tecnet operates with a deep focus and respect for the environment.

A Greener Alternative

Tecnet provides greener alternatives to its clients, along with the business case for doing so.

Tecnet prioritizes using environmentally responsible products from companies who take meaningful sustainability initiatives. Our major partners follow ISO 14001 global Environmental Management System (EMS), which is a family of standards providing practical tools to help us approach our business model in an environmentally conscious way. We make it possible for our customers themselves to achieve their own environmental goals.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

We strive always to maximize the life of computer equipment, minimize travel, shipping, and packaging whenever possible, and repurpose equipment whenever possible.

More often than not, we safely refurbish old equipment and provide it as a service to members of the community who otherwise would not have a computer at all. By doing so we are not only meeting environmental aims, but we are addressing a second facet of sustainable development – community and social responsibility.


Do you have environmental stewardship suggestions?

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