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Protect yourself from the threat-landscape with Fortinet.

Tecnet is a Silver Partner with Fortinet, a world leader in network security, founded in British Columbia. Tecnet began our relationship with Fortinet when we realized years ago that network traffic was moving towards encrypted traffic, and the largely available firewalls didn’t address this critical security need. At Tecnet, we want to deliver the most innovative and highest-performing network security possible. Because of the evolution of network threats, Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) are no longer enough to mitigate security risks. As part of our holistic network protection we are looking forward, protecting not only north-south traffic but also east-west traffic which has become an increasingly popular threat vector. Fortinet continues to innovate within the protection landscape, and our clients are reaping the benefits of this. Our certified staff configure, deploy and manage your entire security fabric, ensuring our clients are always protected.

  • Keep your company protected with a cutting-edge business continuity solution
  • Use a platform that is a world-leader in network security
  • Founded in British Columbia, like Tecnet
  • Tecnet has trained technical analysts, skilled in using Fortinet products

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