Tecnet is pleased to announce that for the third consecutive year, we have achieved Lenovo’s Premier Service Partner status for the fiscal year ending in 2017. Tecnet has received this award for the fiscal years 2015 and 2016.

Awards from 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Keith Gedrose, Director, Channel Services for Lenovo Americas writes:

“Congratulations to your organization and specifically to your service team for achieving Lenovo’s Premier Service Partner status for fiscal year ending in 2017.

We want to thank your service team for the significant contributions they have provided over the last year to our mutual customers. Your service team’s diligence to delight every customer while delivering superior warranty service is much appreciated. It is because of these efforts that we are proud to award you with Premier Service Provider status for fiscal year 2017.

In recognition of your achievement, Lenovo Service Consultants would like to present you with this Premier Service plaque [pictured above] as a token of our appreciation.”

Tecnet provides hardware support, warranty and post-warranty repairs for Lenovo devices across British Columbia. All of our technicians participate in warranty and post-warranty certification training. Tecnet fosters a strong relationship with Lenovo, which provides us with the ability to receive parts faster, and receive support for issues. This provides our team with the ability to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair Lenovo computers and devices in a friendly, local environment to clients across British Columbia.

Tecnet has been providing best-in-class IT solutions, including hardware support, warranty and post-warranty repair, and sales for over 40 years. Tecnet has deployed thousands of Lenovo computers across British Columbia, and provides continued support and service to our clients who rely on their technology everyday. Tecnet is a proud provider of Lenovo products, and is pleased to offer warranty and post-warranty repair for all Lenovo hardware across British Columbia.