We are pleased to announce the winner of the Tecnet Computer Network Electronics Technician Achievement Award, which is presented to a graduate of Camosun College’s Computer Network Electronics Technician program who has achieved a high academic standing and demonstrated superior technical skill in the program. This year’s recipient is Julian Schmidt, an international student from Germany who came to Canada to study at Victoria’s Camosun College before returning to Germany to complete his education.

Ed Life (right), Tecnet’s President, presenting Julian Schmidt (left) with the Tecnet award.


“I was very happy when I found Camosun College in Canada because I always wanted to go to Canada and I was immediately fascinated by the Computer Network Electronics Technician program,” writes Schmidt in a letter of thanks to Tecnet Canada. “I had a great time in the program and was able to experience the great feeling of working with other people that are interested in the same topics as I am. Also, I really enjoyed staying in Canada, which is a great country in my opinion and I definitely want to visit it again in the future.”

“I am overjoyed that I’ve been selected to receive this award and I’m sure it will benefit me a lot in my career. Being honored with this award strengthened my plans to further my education in the field of electronics as well as IT.”

The award was presented to Julian by Tecnet’s president, Ed Life, in a ceremony at Camosun College on May 31, 2017.

Congratulations to Julian, and all of the other recipients of awards this year!

Photos courtesy of Camosun College