Technology Audit

What is a Technology Audit?

Regardless of the size of your business, having a complete understanding of the state of your technology network will give you an understanding of an important aspect of your business operations.

A Technology Audit by Tecnet will cover everything ranging from network setup and hardware to backup processes, security configuration, and software standards as well as any specific concerns or requirements you may have. Our detailed report will provide you with a grading system for all areas audited and recommend the urgency for which action should be taken. Once completed, you will have a thorough understanding of the state of your network, including which areas need improvement and how urgently those improvements should be implemented.

What does a Technology Audit cover?

Our experienced auditors will review and grade your current IT infrastructure to provide an in-depth tailored report which provides recommendations for improvements.

The auditors typically incorporate the following analyses when conducting a technology audit:

Review current software, network, and operating system configuration

Evaluate software licensing and operating system patch and upgrade status

Analyze network security configuration reviews and policies including password policies and permissions

Examine disaster recovery backup and business continuity

Analyze the hardware and physical security, including protection from theft and accidental damage

Conduct an assessment of base capability of servers, desktops, and laptops for their given function

Identify weaknesses in your computer and IT network

Look into your specific concerns and needs

What are the benefits of a technology audit?

Tecnet will audit, and make recommendations based on industry best practices, all while following a stringent timeline.

This process allows Tecnet to determine your current IT resources and needs, as well as your upcoming and projected IT requirements, and provide you with a detailed IT Roadmap to help you make decisions in your business planning, and govern your IT spending in a managed way.  This helps you avoid waiting until there are critical issues, when you are forced into unexpected, and more expensive solutions.

At the start of the service period, Tecnet will perform a technology audit of your information technology infrastructure. By conducting a comprehensive audit, we will gain a thorough understanding of the state of your computer network, which will allow us to effectively provide the required services and support.

As well as gaining an understanding of the network, the audit will also identify any weaknesses or trouble areas that should be addressed before proceeding with the provision of IT services. Tecnet will provide recommendations and implement them as necessary to bring the network up to optimal performance, and create a customized IT Roadmap and Strategic Technology Plan for you.

It is important to ensure a healthy and problem-free network before implementing support, as it is the foundation upon which everything will be working.

Where to Start?

 If you want to find out if a Technology Audit is right for you, please contact our Accounts and Services department.