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About Tecnet

The Value of ExperinceTecnet Canada Inc. is a customer driven organization set up as a technology support company with its headquarters in Victoria, British Columbia. Tecnet has been successfully delivering top quality computer support services since 1974.

Our service offerings are continually evolving with the industry. Our customer focus approach ensures we are always working at developing the right solution for your business needs; whether it is making solution recommendations, taking your strategy through planning, acquisition, and implementation or providing you with day 2 ongoing support via a managed services offering or onsite service solutions for your small, medium or enterprise business operations, in the cloud or on-premises.




Tecnet ASC Mapoperates major support centres in Victoria and Vancouver where we also operate our dispatch call centre and helpdesk in addition to our field service operations. We also operate a service network of Tecnet Authorized Service Centres (ASCs) in more than 35 local communities across western Canada. Tecnet employs more than 40 professionals in Victoria & Vancouver, and supports the local employment of more than 200 additional technical professionals through our ASC network.

Our unique network of Authorized Service Centres (ASCs) is a well-developed affiliation of independent local service companies that receive annual training and ongoing central support from Tecnet. Our commitment to training across the Tecnet ASC network ensures our partners and customers receive seamless local service and a verifiable high standard of technical excellence.

Our ASC commitment includes central service administration and dispatch, 33 Service centers in BCtechnical support, extensive multi-vendor technical training resources, logistics support and central parts management. It is an enduring commitment to local business and the development of local expertise with a twenty-year average ASC affiliation.