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Tecnet is a ZeroSpam Authorized Reseller

Tecnet is an authorized re-seller of ZeroSpam, a Canadian cloud hosted email protection and continuity solution. Recently the recipient of a government of Canada grant for machine learning, ZeroSpam’s services often outperform similar products with a lower ownership cost while maintaining a wholly Canadian organization.

ZeroSpam provides a wholly Canadian email protection umbrella. Protecting against threats such as ransom-ware, spear-fishing, denial of service attacks, and spam. What makes this different than other services is their agile response team, no spam dial to tweak, proven accuracy, and built in fail-over redundancy. All of this at a per user price point, often lower than other similar protection.

  • Combined with the power of Office 365 for increased security
  • Data Security Service with ZeroSpam
  • Best-in-class Canadian hosted anti-spam and email continuity
  • Works seamlessly in the background allowing for the best user experience available

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