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Tecnet is a Lenovo partner

Tecnet is an authorized Lenovo dealer, and warranty repair site; servicing warranty and post-warranty repairs for Lenovo computers and peripherals. We are the only Lenovo Certified warranty repair shop in Victoria, BC. Tecnet Canada has been a long-standing partner with Lenovo since their introduction into the North American marketplace in 2005. Tecnet and Lenovo’s senior technical staff regularly collaborate when required to meet objectives by the client or when hardware requires advanced troubleshooting beyond a level one technician. This relationship has resulted in a better client experience. Lenovo has redesigned and manufactured components based on Tecnet feedback and customer requirements.

  • Warranty and post-warranty repair certified
  • Hardware support
  • Deskside support
  • Product sales

Learn from our experienced team how Lenovo products can benefit your company.

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